What Are The Benefits of Walking on a Treadmill? – Is It as Effective as Walking Outside?

As I have already written about the health benefits of walking and/or running, I think it is important to speak about the possibilities you have when you’ve decided to start implementing walking into your daily life – for the sake of your health and for losing weight goals.

It’s very useful to mention that if you live a healthy life, you’ll have the possibilities of living longer, as researches say, about 7 years longer. So if you haven’t decided yet to change in some ways, it’s high time to do so now!


In this article I’m going to walk you through the differences, the pros and cons of walking outside and inside and I’d like to answer the question occurring: ’what are the benefits of walking on a treadmill?’ Is it as effective to walk on a treadmill as walking outside or not, if yes, I’d like to share my opinion with you about the effectiveness and benefits of it.

I’ve searched the Internet and read a lot of studies in the topic so as to be able to give you the right information to help you out.


What Are The Benefits of Walking on a Treadmill? – Can You Make It Enjoyable for Yourself?


You either walk outside or inside, you do a lot for your health, you will also lose weight and live for a longer lifetime. Not bad, isn’t it? Such a simple way of exercise and it can help us benefit in so many important ways!


I know that there are some people who just neglect it saying walking isn’t a way of physical exercise. I don’t agree with them. Yes, it’s very simple but it has its effects mentioned above. (Researches have proved it and studies have been made to show its real results and positive effects.)


They are right that this cardio exercise (yes, it really is one of them!) is the simplest exercise we can do but we can enjoy all its benefits. Let’s speak about the calories you can burn by walking (at a brisk speed – at about 3.5 mph) for half an hour: you’ll, burn about 200 calories. If you walk 5 times a week for half an hour: at the end of the week your result will, be minus 1000 calories. (it may vary depending on the weight of the person too.)


Later you can try intervals – so combine faster walking periods with slower ones, use the inclines and/or you can double the time and walk for an hour (once per day or have your walking divided into two parts: and have half an hour of walking twice per day, let’s say one in the morning and one in the evening – no difference in the effectiveness!)




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Is Walking Inside as Effective as Walking Outside?  – Is It Really Free to Be Healthy?


So that you could choose which is better for you, the first to think over is the effectiveness of your walking. Good to know that both are effective. There is only a very slight difference: if you walk outside or inside: and it is due to the effects of the wind.


So in general: the positive effects are almost the same in both cases. No need to speak about the effects of one by one as both walking inside and outside have them all in general. Just to mention again some of the most important ones: your energy level will be boosted, your physical activity will make you live for longer, you’ll lose some pounds (if combined with careful eating habits), your life will be much healthier.


In my mind walking seems to be a cheap activity but if you are planning to have it as a long term commitment and you also think prevention is better than spending later on healthcare, then you could take into consideration some investments.


You can invest in your health in the following ways – depending on your choice, needs and budget:


  • finding time for walking
  • finding the right place for yourself
  • commitment
  • steadiness
  • a pair of comfortable walking or running shoes – highly recommended for everybody.
  • a good pedometer is useful (if you walk outside)



For walking inside as a habit:

  • a gym membership or
  • a treadmill (it can mean your only investment in your health or can be a starting point for investment – as the base of building your little home gym – this way you can become independent from severyl factors and from everybody)


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Pros and Cons of Indoor Walking and Outdoor Walking. – Which One to Choose?


Outdoor Walking


  • Sunshine – the scource of important D vitamin for you.
  • Wonderful places – if you can choose them as places for walking: like the beach or any forest.
  • Negative feelings ’just fly away’. (Like depression or anger, etc. – so a good way to cure yourself in a simple but effective way!)
  • It’s a way of relaxation.
  • You can find more and more possibilities for yourself, and really everywhere! (E.g. when you’ll find walking more effective to sitting down in a park.)
  • For some people it isn’t boring while others might find it boring to walk. – Mostly depending on the person’s attitude to it. To be honest I don’t think you could listen to music with your earphones or headphones on while outside as anything can happen. We all have heard about accidents due to this, so I think it’s more dangerous than useful.
  • Almost nothing extra is needed.
  • No special skill are needed to be able to walk.
  • Is the air good or polluted? – it must be also taken into consideration as a pro or a con.



  • Bad weather conditions
  • Cold or hot season can be a problem
  • You’ll find it a challenge to find the time and the right place to walk outside
  • The place might be dangerous – because of being attacked – especially late at night or very early in the morning
  • Not so safe – depending on the quantity of the road


Indoor Walking:


  • Bad weather isn’t a problem
  • Any place can be chosen (even shopping centres, a gym or your own home)
  • Any time is suitable that fits your schedule
  • Any season might be all right
  • You can’t be bored as you can watch any films, read or listen to music while you are walking.
  • It’s a way of relaxation.
  • If you aren’t interested in your surroundings when you have your workouts.
  • No dangers of being attacked.
  • Recommended for shy people who don’t like if being watched by others while walking or jogging.
  • You would like to do your exercise when you have some time left – even suddenly.
  • You don’t want to get dressed for going out.



  • No sunshine in good weather.
  • You don’t visit wonderful places.


Of course I can’t collect all pros and cons, just mentioned some of them – in general as some of them naturally depend on the personal attitude and personal approach depending on the person.


Why Is It Recommended to Walk? – Summarizing the Positive Effects of Walking


It’s a fact that by walking you improve your mental and physical health (I’m sure you have had the better feeling after a walk, haven’t you?) So why not imagine you can have it as a daily habit – and having the positive mental effects of it?

If you are among the people who have to sit all day long, then walking can have the most perfect effects for you, even if you just stand up and go for a som-minute-walk! Your mental capacity will be refreshed as well. After a good walk you’ll feel less depression or any negative feeling or stress. You’ll be feeling full of energy.


Everybody knows the health benefits of physical activities like their lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and it is also evident for everybody that they can help you improve your immune system as well.


So why not leave your car in front of your home or in your garage occasionally? Yes, it’s true: going by car is a faster way of getting to your destination but much less healthier at the same time!

You’ll be proud of yourself as you’ll be able to pull on your old jeans! And all these effects are due to the simplest way of movement and – I would also call it – sport!


Summarizing: both outdoor and indoor walking have their positive effects. You can also combine them to enjoy your walks and have the advantages of both.


How to Start Implementing walking into Your Daily Routine?


As with everything here it is also useful to implement your new habit gradually, so don’t start with a brisk walk if you haven’t done any exercises for long years. When you start, don’t use uphill inclines. You can begin walking for half an hour twice per week.

Don’t forget, you are not in a hurry and the main goal is to be fit and healthy and/or someone with less weight. After a while you will need this daily routine and have your wlking – maybe 3-5 times per week, with the combination of different inclines.

Follow the steps:

  • Warming up for your brisk walk– for some minutes (max 10 minutes)
  • Have your brisk walking exercise
  • Cooling down – max for 5 – 10 minutes (in order to get your heart rate to the normal rate)


Last but not least I’d like to remind you of the importance of consultring your doctor before you start your new physical activities.



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I really hope I could help you out with my article. If you have any questions or personal experience you’d like to share, please feel free to write your comments below.


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  1. Thanks for all the tips, Agnes. I really enjoyed reading your article and found it really useful in considering a plan forward. I love walking outside. Sometimes it gets too hot out here in Australia and we have to watch out for heat stroke, sun burn and even bush fires sometimes. When it gets really hot I definitely need to walk inside.

    • You are right that we need to make a plan forward if we want to live a healthy life. When I didn’t make my plan in advance, sometimes I just felt there was no need for physical acitivities. Nowadays I follow my daily routine plans and don’t leave out movement. Inside or outside? Great question. The answer for me depends not only on the weather (I don’t like neither too hot nor too cold) but on my mood as well. The best thing about it is that no difference in effects!

  2. Hi Agnes
    That‘s such an informative article! Since I‘ve been living a healthy lifestyle I had an issue which was „not moving“ much.
    Thanks to your page, now I know how effective walking really is.
    I‘m super motivated to start walking from now on and of course I will follow your 3 steps.
    Thank you again for sharing this awesome information.

    • Thank you for the comment. I think there are many people who don’t even think that walking has real positive effects, not only in health issues but in weight loss as well. I cannot run and maybe that’s one reason for me to enjoy walking so much. I also had periods in my life when I didn’t find movement or exercises so important as nowadays. But I’ve understood that everything is worth our health, spending enough time and also money as well for preventing illnesses. Have a healthy life!

  3. Good article! I actually do enjoy both walking indoors and outdoors. Only thing is that when you live in an area with harsh winters, you definitely need to walk indoors then.

    • Yes, definitely, cold and hot seasons aren’t good for walking outside. There are other reasons for me to find walking inside more enjoyable: I can read, listen to music – for recreation or watch the news or a good film. In some other cases I love going for a walk outside and relax mentally and leave inside all my problems to solve.

  4. Agnes….what I would say is this….Just WALK where ever it is…inside or out! Of, course, personally, I prefer outdoors, because I get soooo bored on a treadmill, but it’s just as effective, as you said. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, it’s the best thing that in effectiveness – there is no difference between inside or outside walking. Usually it’s less boring for me inside as I can do quite differents things during walking. While listening to music outside is dangerous. These walking ‘exercises’ are my relaxation periods for me during the day. Thank you for your comment!

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