The Venus Factor 2.0 12-Week Fat Loss System Review – Is It a Scam or Real?

Product: The Venus Factor 2.0 12-Week Fat Loss System by John Barban

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Fed up with your previous unsuccessful diets? Fed up with all the exercises you’ve done in vain? Fed up with having yo-yo effects all the time? Fed up with living without all the foods you love?

Would you like to look sexy? Would you like to fascinate your partner and all the members of your family and everybody else?


Have you given up your hopes to be really successful to become slim, fit and healthy with a beautiful, sexy look?


There is a wonderful piece of news recommended by specialists who have found the secret for you to achieve your dream look. This secret is backed by the latest scientific researches and results.

It has already worked in case of more than 1 million women!

Why would it be impossible for you?


As the creator of the program states: ’everything is possible about the female body’ with the knowledge offered in the program.

You should remember that you are also worth a sexy, fit and healthy body!


As I usually call such programs miracles, I wouldn’t call this program a miracle because it is backed by real science and a great deal of success stories. The results speak for themselves – in this case.

As I got more and more info about The Venus Factor 2.0 12 Week Fat Loss System, my original question whether it is a scam or not, has been gradually de-emphasized.

So if you are ready to follow easy, step-by-step instructions proven by the most effective scientifical studies, you can go on reading today’s article that is broken down into 4 parts.


The first one is examining what the product is and also the creator’s identity and his experience in nutrition. You’ll get answer to the question who The Venus Factor 2.0 System is offered for?

The second is having a look at the creator’s statements and promises which seem to be highly promising. If you watch the short video offered, you’ll be able to listen to real customers’ feedback so that you could decide whether to believe the marketing campaign or not. Naturally we’ll find out if The Venus Factor 2.0  12-Week Fat Loss System has worked in reality.

Then we are going to focus on Pros and Cons of The Venus Factor 2.0 12-Week Fat Loss System. The last thing will be a summary to find out whether this system can have positive effects in your life too.


Looking Behind the Scenes of The Venus Factor 2.0 12-Week Fat Loss System


The Venus Factor 2.0 Fat Loss System has been created by a team of doctors and weight loss experts, among them is John Barban whose name is well-known as he has a lot of experience in health supplies and nutrition. He is an expert not only in nutrition but in biology and physiology and he also has a degree of exercise. He’s developed several exercise programs to help people lose weight and live a healthy life.


This fat-burning system is simple to follow but you shouldn’t forget that it is backed by real science and has been created in a way that would help you boost your metabolism and burn fat in the fastest and most efficient way. It can also be called simple because you’ll always know why the steps to follow are useful so you’ll understand what you do. You’ll get all the information to understand why any exercises or diets haven’t worked for you so far.


You’ll get the secret answers to burn off fat safely, naturally and keep it off forever and get to know what you can do to experience life changing results in your life almost immediately in boost in energy, mood and fat burning.


Who has The Venus Factor 2.0 Fat Loss System Been Created for?


It’s important to mention that this program takes into consideration that the body of men and women is different and the fat burning hormone  of women and men ’work’ in a different way.

This 12-week nutrition plan is for females, mainly for women who would like to lose more than ten lbs.


Are The Creator’s Highly Promising Statements Real in The Presentation Video of The Venus Factor 2.0 System?


Naturally I watched the video and I was really convinced by the reality of the fact that the whole program is backed by scientific researches and the feedback shown in it. I got to know a lot of useful information about the difference of fat-burning effects of women and men.


It’s interesting to know that your fat burning’s ability and weight loss are controlled by one hormone, LEPTIN. It is also explained in the presentation video in details (but it’s simple to understand) why women and men should be offered different strategies to lose weight.

In this presentation video you can see real women’s feedback (with before and after photos). Just to mention some of their results:

  • Someone dropped 3 dress sizes inside a week.
  • Another woman has lost 21 lbs in seven days and then 71 lbs in 3 months.
  • Another one has a result of minus 25 lbs.
  • The minus 60 lbs in fat loss is another woman’s result who is so excited to look much younger. (This must be the feeling of anybody having reached their unbelievable goal very fast!)
  • Even John Barban’s sister, Lisa, is shown who has lost alltogether 56 lbs! (12 dress sizes!)

Just imagine yourself becoming one of the women with such a success story! Why not? It can be easily imagined!



==> I highly recommend you to watch the presentation video by clicking here. Believe me it’s worth the time!


Advantages And Disadvantages of The Venus Factor 2.0  System – Is The Product Worth The Price?


What do you get for your money?


Just to summarize what are included in the price with the free bonuses:


  • You’ll get simple strategies to switch on FAT BURNING, i.e. your metabolism and will be guided what and when to eat – you’ll understand nutrition and diet behind the success of the program.
  • You’ll be also guided what simple exercises to do. Several tips will be given to you in connection with your eating habits and simple physical exercises – 143 video coaching lessons with useful techniques of highly effective workout exercises.
  • The so-called Venus Immersion which is an online support for you. You’ll be a member of an online community of other ladies with the same goal. This part of the program is highly effective because you’ll be motivated by others’ real results and guided by other women from all over the world.
  • With the online application you’ll get access to the virtual dietician with a lot of pieces of advice about foods and their effects on your body.
  • You’ll also get access to the weekly online presentation by John Barban where you’ll be shown interviews with health and fitness experts.
  • This program is backed by a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days from the purchase. So if you – by any reason – aren’t fully satisfied with the effects of the product, you’ll get a full refund within 48 hours.



==> By clicking here you can watch the short video and you’ll get the best price.



Advantages of Venus Factor System:


  • It’s a highly effective fast weight loss program backed by the latest researches of science.
  • If you have had no results lasting forever, this system has been made for you. It’s an easy to follow system created for you to have spectacular effects in fat loss and become fit, slim and sexy.
  • You can have these positive effects very fast as your metabolism will be fastened in a short time so real effects will be seen fast.
  • You’ll have much more energy and much better mood – seeing your fast results. It will add to your self-esteem.
  • Any woman can follow it.
  • It’s been created for women taking into consideration women’s body’s particularities.
  • No pills to take so it’s a natural way of a nutrition plan.
  • No need to spend money on any exercising machines.
  • No yo-yo effects after you’ve reached your weight loss goal as the effects will be permanent.
  • No starving needed and you won’t feel hungry at all.
  • You’ll have a virtual nutritionist who will guide you exactly when and what to eat.
  • The program is affordable by anybody as it doen’t cost much.
  • You don’t need to follow a strict diet program, nor difficult exercises have to be done.
  • The most difficult parts – such as the stomach, thighs, butt and hips – of your body are targeted for weight loss.
  • The fact that it is backed by real money back guarantee for 60 days. So really nothing to lose if you try it out.
  • For me the most important advantage is: you can eat your favourite foods – in moderation – but you don’t have to give up eating your pizza or pasta!!!


Disadvantages of the program:

  • 100 % dedication as it is not a miracle so you’ll have to be dedicated to it – by spending time and the efforts needed. You’ll have to stick to the 12-week eating and workout program.
  • It may work in a less fast way if you have any genetic problems.


Is This Transformation Program a Scam Or Real?


I think Venus Factor System is a highly effective program focusing on eating habits and simple workouts throughout the 12-week period.

I can definitely state that this transformation  program is NOT a scam and I can recommend it from the bottom of my heart to any lady who would like to transform her body, look younger and find her real self-esteem.


Venus Factor is the program to be recommended if you have used several other diet and/or exercise programs with no lasting results.

The statistics, the fast and effective results all over the world, mainly in Northern America, speak for themselves. Your fat-burning will be speeded up through techniques based on evidence.

As mentioned above, by following this program you’ll be able to drop fat from the most problematic areas of your body and all this will be done by NOT leaving out your favourite foods!



==> If you feel like it could be useful for you to have first hand experience with the program, you can watch the presentation video by clicking here.

This will lead you to the official site of the vendor from where you can purchase the product for the cheapest price. Be careful with fake sites offering the product for a higher price.


I’d more than happy to hear your comments.


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  1. Thanks for the review Agnes! The science behind it seems legit, even though claiming that leptin is the one and only thing that affects weight loss is a gross oversimplification of a complicated subject. Also the claims of someone losing 3 dress sizes in a week are ridiculous, that just doesn’t happen without liposuction unless the subject had very significant edema. Then again marketing claims are marketing claims and that doesn’t mean the program isn’t effective. Usually anything that involves eating a reasonable healthy diet with the aim slight caloric deficit will work just fine. No matter what magic trick they claim, nature is always smarter, we are very adaptive and can survive almost with any kind of diet for extended periods of time. But it’s hard to sell a weight loss product without magical claims because people want instant results!

    • Thank you for your thorough comment. In my mind marketing campaigns always exaggerate things more or less and overcomplications are needed as most people don’t care about difficult-to-understand facts and they need fast effects. I believe in real case studies and results and this program seems to have them both. In my mind there is no need to lose weight in such a fast speed as exaggerated here but if you are offered the help of experts and the help of other women with the same problem, it really might be effective and inspiring.

  2. Yes, men and women have a different way of burning fat – different bodies in so many ways. It’s nice to see a product that recognizes that. Another thing about this is that it would work (with dedication to the program) for anyone who does not want to take something that may conflict with medications. Thank you for the in depth review.

    • Yes, you are right that dedication has key importance here as well, otherwise no need to start anything. Losing weight without medications is important as well and NOT having to ‘starv’ or leave out our favourite foods is a good thing too. Naturally not often but sometimes.

  3. This was an interesting article. I have tried many different types of dieting, but few of them have worked. The biggest problem has been my motivation, I think. So it sounds very interesting that here is a common scheme for online motivation – where we can see others’ progress and socialize with others – it makes you feel more pressure to implement it. And the fact that you can enjoy good food as you like, only in smaller quantities, also makes it easier to implement? I think so!

    In one of the comments above it seems to be so simple to lose weight if you follow a healthy diet, but it is not so easy alone when you lack motivation – although there are certainly “natural” ways to do it . None of these natural ways have helped me so far. So I think it can be an advantage to be part of a system like The Venus Factor 2.0 12-Week Fat Loss System. I guess John Barban has a deeper understanding of this than most of us.
    Together we are stronger. I have experienced this in most areas here in life.

    Now I live in northern Europe, is this course available for all countries yes?

    Thank you so much for making me aware of this. I will give it a try and have positive faith that this will help me with the motivation, and not least, finally get a lasting weight loss.

    • Thank you for your important comment! ‘Together we are stronger’ – I absolutely agree with you! When you feel you are not alone and can communicate with others being in the same situation, gives you much motivation and efforts to continue. It’s even more useful in the case of people whose family members are thin, like in my family. My other problem always used to be keeping the ideal weight I’ve attained. Yes, it’s available all over the world, from the official vendor’s site (video site) it can be purchased – by clicking ‘Get started’.

  4. Thank you for this useful review of how to lose weight in a short period of time. The lesson about metabolism is the one I like most. To have proper weight control, you need to have a good or high metabolism and that also helps in losing weight effectively. I think this program will be an effective one since they are promoting the importance of good metabolism. Thank you

    • It’s really interesting for me that some people – like my father – don’t have any problems with the slowness of their metabolism, while most others need something like this program to speed it up for themselves. Never mind, it’s good not to be the same, that’s it…

  5. Hi Agnes, It is nice to see a real review from a real person. I have seen so many videos like this but you just don’t know which ones to believe. I love the idea of still been able to eat my favorite foods. Just thought I would leave you a comment to thank you for sharing this information with me. Off to watch it AGAIN now.

    • I’m happy I could help! To be honest to you – maybe because I’m too ‘human’ – the best thing here is that I don’t need to forget my favourite foods! Why should we leave out the pleasure of eating if we want to lose weight and/or live a healthy life? So why suffer when there is no need for it? All my family members can eat whatever they like and the pressure would be too high if I couldn’t eat my favourite dishes – in moderation of course. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Wow! What a detailed and informative article. I’ve lived all my life hitting the gym feeling that’s the only way I can burn fat and build muscle, though my diet also play a major role in how much weight I lose or gain per week .
    The Venus factor sound really cool that I need to checkout how it works on weight lose. From the claim of someone loosing 3 dress sizes sound impossible but one can’t conclude without trying out. But if is possible that means the Venus factor would really be a great program to consider. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Yes, you are right that eating is also important besides physical exercises or simply any movements, what is more our eating habits have a larger influence on our weight than e.g. going to the gym. So the two must be combined to achieve weight loss or gaining muscle. But we shouldn’t forget about having a rest or about an 8-hour-sleep as well. It’s also part of the ‘game’.

  7. Thank you for this review Agnes. There seem to be a lot of sense behind this program, and a lot of good science.
    The claim that Leptin is the only hormone controlling fat loss, is a simplification of a very complicated subject, but I understand why going into all of the different mechanics would be way to much for a review. Working with the metabolism is the message here, and it is a very true and important message.
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you for your comment. You are right that simplifications are needed otherwise most people would be fed up with difficult-to-understand scientific explanations. In general: if we can understand the message and accept the rules to be followed by a simple program – which is NATURAL, it will be easier to follow the guidelines and achieve our results. Our metabolism plays key importance in our weight loss. Have a wonderful day!

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