My Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight. – My Old And My New Lifestyles Compared – Part 2

There are so many guidelines for healthy eating habits and for weight loss that you can’t follow them all. So that was the reason why I implemented only some of them into my new lifestyle but even so I have been successful in losing 39 lbs (18 kg) till now during these 7 and half months.

I started to prepare a healthy diet and nutrition plan for myself – using my long-years-experience and several ideas offered by experts and many others.


==> On the other hand I’m absolutely sure that any diet can help you achieve your weight loss aims if you follow them properly and can believe in them. <==


In today’s article first I’ll share with you how I started to switch to my new healthy lifestyle, then I’ll write about the results I’ve achieved so far.

Then the foods and drinks I consume and don’t consume will be discussed. The fourth will be speaking about the secrets of my healthy eating habits.

Last but not least I’ll also write about some boosts that had to be added to be able to continue the effectiveness of my healthy eating habits to lose weight.


Photos of the food I used to eat.


The Beginning of My Story – How I Switched to My New Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight.

So in the middle of last September, when I decided to lose weight, then keep the weight I’d achieve and detox my body at the same time, I gradually started to build my healthy eating habits to lose weight by creating healthy eating plans for myself.

I was sure that I didn’t want to follow any extreme diets as I knew I couldn’t maintain any of them. My decision was to develop my healthy eating habits for long, I would say: forever.

After so much experience I had had before, I also knew that some experts tell you a certain food is good for you, while you’ll find others saying exactly the opposite so I had to assume the direction of affairs.



My Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight. – I’ve Almost Achieved My Final Weight Loss Results.

My Results So Far:


  • I’m glad that my healthy eating habits to lose weight have made me successful in achieving almost my final weight loss goal 44 lbs (20 kg) weight loss so why should I give up these habits?
  • I’m feeling great and I have more energy, I can do my daily activities and my well-planned workouts 3 times a week.
  • My health is improving: as I’ve already mentioned my blood pressure has normalized, my cholesterol level has become normal, there are no problems with my blood sugar level, I haven’t been ill for a long time!
  • My mood is much better than it used to be.
  • There is NO suffering, there’s NO feeling of missing something off my nutrition, i.e. I don’t deprive myself of the foods I love.

What Do I Eat According to My Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight?


I usually eat 1,300–1,500 calories per day as I’ve found it a safe way to lose weight and that’s enough for my body to work properly.


  • A lot of vegetables carrots, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, onion, etc (in as many colours as possible).
  • I prepare lots of salads.
  • I’ve swapped my previous usual rice, chips or pasta side dishes for colorful salads.
  • Dairy products like low-fat milk and some yogurt.
  • My protein consists of: chicken breast or Turkey breast, with skin removed.
  • My protein consists of low-fat cottage cheese, egg whites and fat-free cheese.
  • I know fish could be consumed as well but to be honest, I’m not a fan of fish in general.
  • The fruits I usually eat are apples, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.


So in general I consume:


  • Chicken breast or turkey breast after I’ve removed the skin.
  • Low-fat cheese.
  • Eggs.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Mozzarella cheese.
  • Whole wheat bread.
  • Black olives – I sometimes put them into my salads.
  • Nowadays I mainly use olive virgin oil or coconut oil.
  • I love spicy foods so I use a lot of spices like red pepper, oregano, garlic, marjoram, etc.
  • Cheese spread is one of my favourite foods and I’ve not eliminated it either.
  • In some cases I put a slice of low-fat cheese on whole-grain crackers.
  • Every day I can even have some desserts, like cottage cheeses cake, or coconut balls (my favourite dessert!!!) or other cakes with NO sugar. I’m so lucky that my son prepares them for me and he takes into consideration my healthy eating habits to lose weight
  • I can even eat, – i.e. in rare cases – the food I used to love so much – like a spaghetti – in moderation of course.



What I Don’t Eat Following My Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight?

I’m so proud that I could eliminate:


  • Sugar in general so I consume no Sugar-based products or sugary drinks I used to drink.
  • White bread.
  • Pastas.
  • White rice.
  • Pre-made foods.

My old eating habits.

The Secret of The Guidelines I Follow in My healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight.


  • I have 5 meals per day at almost exact times. I got used to NOT needing snacks between my usual meals.
  • I’m the sort of person who needs to eat at once after getting up and I’m sure my breakfast helps me start days with a lot of energy.
  • I’ve increased my daily protein intake because of usual workouts.
  • Before my workouts I consume a meal with much carbohydrate.
  • The portions are much smaller nowadays than they used to be.
  • I put my food on smaller plates.
  • I use as many colours in my foods as I can. My meals look, not only taste fantastic!
  • I give ’plenty of’ time for eating my meals.
  • I put small portions into my mouth and bite each portion thoroughly.
  • Nothing important for my organism has been left out – but changes have been made for healthy alternatives, e.g.
  • I feel good while eating and after my meals as well!
  • I don’t take snacks I used to have when watching TV.
  • Generally I use virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

  • I’m able to concentrate on foods as ’not for me’ – e.g. when I see what my family members eat, like a lot of pancakes, other cakes in large portions or a large plate of spaghetti or pasta!
  • I don’t eat late at night but my last meal is usually minimum 2 or 3 hours before going to bed.
    My dinners are light.
  • I drink a lot of water, and as I’m a great lover of tea, TEA, TEA and TEA, different brands – and they also have helped me in boosting my metabolism. Twice or three times a week I have my coffee with milk (low-fat milk) with a sweetener.


Why Have My Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight Been Effective?


I’ve replaced processed food with real food as often as possible. I’ve found a good balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates (like vegetables, whole grains), fiber (like grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts), vitamins, and minerals in my diet.

So nothing important has been eliminated but healthy changes have been made.

I’m aware that my body also needs vitamins (from A to K) and minerals (like Calcium, Iron or Magnesium) but I’m not absolutely sure I take enough – so for a 2 or 3 months period (twice a year) I usually take multivitamins every day.



For my husband I always buy:



As omega3 has very important benefits, I usually take these capsules as well.


So the health benefits – at present and for long terms – have been taken into consideration.

What Boosts Had to Be Given to Be Able to Continue Having Results of My Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight?


In spite of the fact that I had kept the rules in my healthy eating habits to lose weight, my weight loss suddenly stopped – for no special reason at all – then I realized something had to be given to boost my metabolism. That was the time I started to take BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner. It has worked in my case.


I’m very happy and optimistic because of all my results so far, so this fact also gives me a boost to continue. Hoping my success story has given you help and positivity to achieve your own results.

In my next article I’ll tell you the name of the city where I had to try the delicious food so I didn’t always follow my rules, but I don’t mind it at all!


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I’d be more than happy to hear your success stories. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below.



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  1. I believe the very moment where you successful lost weight already (mentally) was the very point you were true to yourself knowing that you couldn’t follow the extreme plans said by some others. It was good that you didn’t deceive yourself into doing what you knew you couldn’t keep up with. The key lesson I get from there is know your ability, and create a plan that will work for you based on your ability. 

    • Thank you for your ideas. Yes, knowing ourselves and our abilities should be the beginning in life, everywhere not only in this process, I think. I couldn’t have realized extreme changes, and that way I couldn’t have achieved results I’m having at the moment and forever, in my life. If you try to follow extreme rules or plans you cannot follow, you just lose your motivation, which is also a key factor in achieving our results.

  2. Hi dear

    Eating healthy is great and being able to switch eating habits successfully is awesome

    So, congrats to you! I got a question or two. How fast did you loose weight? Do you associate sport to your diet? 

    And I like the idea of adding a metabolism booster, it helps the body to adapt to the new diet.


    • Sorry, I forgot to add that sport, workouts are added: like cardio exercises + strength exercises (on a regular basis: about 3 times a week).

    • Thank you for your comment! To be absolutely honest changing eating habits of long years isn’t simple at all. I was quite sure about it because I had had it several times as real problems. So this time (when I started to change) in the middle of last September I knew mental changes and self-improvement and positivity were needed to start and believe I would be able to achieve my goals. So now it’s been less than 8 months. Yes, this booster helped me a lot as it really gave me a boost, so I could continue…

  3. I also had a big problem with my weight. I solved it by completely halving my meals. I never actually quit any of the food I ate before – I just lowered the dosage. Thank you for sharing with us your way and your story. It is quite inspiring. I am glad you managed to eat healthier and loose weight.

    Also, I use Centrum Men Complex as an everyday Vitamin and Mineral supplement. It helps me a lot because I am not eating the healthiest food.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you for your reaction! Yes, eating smaller portions is a good way but in my mind this can be the beginning of the process, a good one – of course, but it is important to change the quality of the food then.F or me health and weight loss are of key importance at the same time. I really think multivitamins are needed by any of us, I get them for my husband because he doesn’t eat in a healthy way (and he doesn’t want to!), and I take them as I don’t want to leave anything out.

  4. Wow, you just changed your lifestyle just like that? That’s hard to do. Great to hear that you are happier.

    The problem with me was that I ate too much sugar. I pretty much make all of my meals myself now. I might take a bit more time to make the food than to just buy them premade, but you get so many benefits from it. I feel healthier and happier. 

    I don’t have the cravings like I used to before. When I eat foods I with lots of sugar or transfat I just feel sick afterwards. Your body can easily tell that you should not eat after you have not consumed them in a while. Keep it up!

    • I’m happy to have your ‘wow’! But I don’t think the process is difficult, if I thought so, I couldn’t do that, i.e. I’ve mentally prepared for the changes and during the process I also use mental ‘workings’ otherwise I have given up, I think. Yes, I agree with you that premade food has so many benefits but you sometimes don’t know what you consume so better not to consume it – in general. I have also given up going to fast food restaurants I loved so much. At the beginning it was difficult for me to go in front of any of them but nowadays it isn’t a problem any more for me. Sugar: well, I must admit I find it very dangerous for our health as well, so I could leave it out – and I don’t really miss it at all. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Wow, you lost 18kg in just 7 and half months. That’s unbelievable. Your eating regime must be super great and effective. It is true that when you want to lose weight, diet plays about 80% role and exercise only count for about 20%. So eating the right food at the right time does count. 

    It is so true when we follow an extremely healthy eating plan, we found it so difficult to follow. Likewise, having a long term healthy eating plan matters. This is so because when you force your body to lose all the fat in just a small amount of time. This causes your body to starve and you revert to your formal way of eating. But if you take time (long period healthy eating plan), your body adjusts easily and slowly and get used to it. In that way, you can’t go back to an unhealthy diet. 

    Wow, your current diets are super simple, easy to get and to follow. Also, congratulations on your way to achieving your goal. Your guidelines are super incredible. I am so happy I read your post today, why? I am someone who wants to lose weight in an easiest possible way but it has been challenging to achieve that. With this your plan, I think I can achieve that. Thank you 

    • I’m grateful for your ‘wow’, it means a lot to me, yes, I’m proud of my results. I must confess that I couldn’t (I wouldn’t like to) starve for weight loss and I still can admit that I’m a fan of eating. Why should we starve and make our body miss ‘fuel’? So you only have to change what you consume, so simple and wonderful! I really hope my body has adjusted to the ‘new’ food and new habits, but I must also admit that in rare cases I can even have a spaghetti (smaller portion) with my daughter. I hope you can also achieve your weight loss goals in the simplest way!

  6. That’s an amazing weight loss! I wish I could be as disciplined as you are. I don’t eat as much main course meals but I am big on desserts which is the culprit for my weight gain and of course slow metabolism due to irregular exercises, stress and being almost 50 y.o.

    I applause you for being so organized with your regimen. Someday, I wish to be like you…although I really need to start now. You’re so encouraging ‘though so I think I will slowly ease myself into eating more vegetables and fruits instead of sweets. 

    As for the fat burner pills, did you have to seek medical approval before starting?

    Thank you. I wish you more success in your weight loss goal.


    • I’m so happy when I get such opinions saying it’s been amazing! Thank you. You are right discipline is a key factor here but in some cases – during the process – sometimes it isn’t easy to have it, that’s when mental ‘working’ or meditations are needed by me. If I couldn’t eat 5 meals a day, I think it wouldn’t be easy to keep the rules, so I’m never hungry. Yes, desserts are a problem also to me but I can have them as well (as one meal), naturally not sugar-sweetened chocolate cakes. Slow metabolism can be boosted, so it doesn’t mean a problem if you wish to find the solution. Well, stress, I don’t think stressful life exists nowadays. Regular exercises are really recommended, for health benefits as well – I’ve learnt it from personal experience. Well, I would say anybody can be capable doing it, age doesn’t matter, I’m almost 60 but at the moment I feel like I was minimum 20 years younger…

  7. You put a lot of time and effort into his article. Have you lost weight from walking?  How many minutes per day.  Did you diet?  Any thing special about the diet?Yes, walking is the best natural exercise for people. We are all meant to walk. It is today’s society that has made all our jobs repetitive and so specific our duties that we no longer get a well rounded base of activities during the work day as farmers, did many years ago. We live a non-physical life.

    I liked it when you referred to studies.  It would have been nice if you had mentioned which studies you were referring to. I like facts. Medical advice is key here to convince people they really need a treadmill . Walking and other activities increase the serotonin in the brain which help decrease depression.  But is not a total cure. Before and after pictures are nice. Just really convince them. They should exercise before it is to late. At the end there were to many links.  It just started to look like your main goal was to sell a treadmill or diet supplements. Well you are trying to sell those things. lol 

    I have been on the Keto diet for several months. No keto supplements. I tried but they made no difference for me.It is a very low carb diet. I eat almost no carbs. I am disabled and can not get around very good. I have auto-immune diseases. Not much activity to burn calories. [ It takes 3500 calories burn’t , or with decrease in the diet , to lose 1 pound. I have lost 41 pounds. Slow. But I am not concentrating on my weight lose or the way I look. I just need to be able to move around and take care of myself so my children or a nursing home has to.

    • Thank you for your opinion and ideas. I absolutely agree with you that nowadays ’we live a non-physical life’. I also used to have this problem when I decided to put an end to it and change. First I started my mentality (as a preparation for the other changes), then gradually I’ve changed the food: quantity and quality of what I consume. I would say I’ve also changed to a low-carb diet after having left out white bread, pastas, pizzas, etc, then I implemented physical activities: first mainly walking (for purpose), I’m not able to run so brisk walking is for me. I walk on a treadmill 3 times a week, for an hour, and have also implemented biking – so these are my cardio exercises but I have strength exercises as well. Wishing you good health and the ability to move around.

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