Mentally Prepare to Lose Weight – The Steps of a Typical Weight Loss Process.


Most people who realize the fact that they should start ’doing something’ with their overweight, choose the typical way followed generally.


  1. You set your final goal (sometimes unrealistic and discouraging somewhere on the way).
  2. You start not to eat food full of carbs, eat fewer calories, some people also might think starving is a must for them.
  3. You try to find the time and place for your physical activities.
  4. Number 2 and 3 are combined by some others. (Not a bad idea but you should think it over beforehand and of course know how.)
  5. You think your (final – unrealistic) goal should be reached within a short time (also unrealistic idea) at whatever cost so you are ascetic and unforgiving to yourself.


The above process doesn’t contain the most important factor to be successful in your weight loss career: mentally prepare to lose weight. So I am going to show you how important it is to mentally prepare for achieving real results in your weight loss progress – with the less pains and the more joys as possible. Yes, it can be real to have joys as well!


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What are The Consequences of The Usual Process?


Due to the above process – in most cases – you are fed up sooner or later and you just think losing weight is just NOT for you. You also might think nothing is worth of this starving and cruel process.


On the other hand in my mind EVERYTHING is worth if we decide to have a healthier and longer life. It is too important to give up. Life is too short NOT to enjoy every period of it! So you have to rethink the whole process again to find where the problem is. When we have done so, we can find the real solutions.


It doesn’t matter if it is the first time you would like to lose weight or you are a notorious repeater who has already succeeded many times but always had the so called yo-yo effects.

There is no difference from the point of view of your success. In both cases your next weight loss can be successful and you will keep your ideal weight – without any difficulties. Everything depends on YOU!

The most important thing to understand is the need to devote sufficient time to prepare mentally well for changing your life.


Jogging On The Beach

The Missing’Zero Step’ of a Successful Weight Loss Process.


Most diet plans start with day 1, even if they are short term plans, like a 7-day plan or plans for a longer time like a 2-week, 3-week or a month diet plan. But one step is missing which should be the base of your successful weight loss.

This zero period should always be the mental preparation period, which mostly should last for several days or even weeks. If you are well-prepared for the forthcoming changes, the rate of success is much higher.


Searching for Possibilities

Mentally Prepare to Lose Weight Questions – How to Start?


What questions do you need to answer during this ’zero’ period?


  • Why have you problems with your weight? A good way to find the real answer to this question is to start writing everything you eat and drink every day – for a week. Don’t leave out anything because ’little snacks’ can contribute to your weight with some pounds. At the end of every day just read it and think it over. – answering honestly ’What should be changed or left out?’
  • What can be the reason of your belly fat? Do you have a physically active life or just the whole day in your office?
  • Have you often said to yourself that others can lose weight because they have the time to care about their weight and they have time to do exercises or plan their diets, prepare the needed food but you are short of time. I have to tell you: it is only a way of making excuses and not taking responsibility. You CAN have time with smaller changes in your daily schedule.


Now you should think over your present daily activities and find the time for physical activities or preparing your healthy food. What about the week-ends? Why not start then? Or you can get up half an hour earlier… Even half an hour can do at the beginning, it is enough for morning exercises. And that’s a fantastic starting point of introducing new habits into your life. Your health and longer life is worth even more!

Naturally gradually you will feel that you have much more energy and this will give you more free time created for weight loss activities.


  • How is it possible that your successful slimming diets – if any so far in your life – didn’t last for long?
  • Did you think that after your diet ended you could start eating everything and as much as you wanted? (yo-yo effects)
  • Or just did you have a period when you had more stress you had to compensate with snacks or desserts?


It’s only you who knows the answers to these questions, so tell yourself the truth as your longer and healthier life is the goal!

Further Questions to Start With.

If you have given the answers to the previous questions, you can go on and find out the answers to the following questions:


  • Are you unhappy when you look at yourself in the mirror?
  • Have you realized that it is more and more difficult for you to carry shopping bags?
  • Is it an easy task for you to climb the steps?
  • Are you always tired?
  • Are you over stressed?
  • Aren’t you motivated in connection with your tasks in general?
  • Do you feel depression symptoms? These symptoms can have effects to gain weight as many people try to compensate with snacks or chocolate!!! It is interesting that on the contrary in cases of many others these symptoms will lead to weight loss as a result as these people don’t pay attention to what they eat. Either this or that is the case, you can’t control your eating habits when depressed. I think the pleasure of eating should be present in your life so no need to starve to lose weight. An eating list or plan but should be created systematically in advance of what you’ll eat and drink during your diet.


If most of your answers are yes to the above questions, then it is high time you made changes in your life and try to follow realistic, life changing methods, starting with mental changes.

As mentioned above: mentally not being prepared for changes can lead to long-lasting problems in your life. So worth trying.


’Easier said than done’ – might be your reaction. But why not give yourself a chance? What can you lose if you try? Why not start with smaller changes and then go on?


Meditation as Mental Preparation

The Success Circle of Weight Loss if You Mentally Prepare to Lose Weight.


I’ve made it clear that mental preparation is worth the time devoted to it since the success depends on it. It is the base of the whole process.


  • Mental preparation – get motivated in the weight loss procedure.
  • Get the information of the possibilities you might choose from.
  • Specify your realistic target and time (how many pounds you’d like to lose, in how much time would you like to reach it?) Let’s say: your final target is 20 pounds. You’d like to reach it in 3 or 6 months. Don’t forget to use smaller targets as elements of your plan. (Let’s say: 10 pounds in 1 or 2 months.) By taking baby steps you’ll have ’baby results’ but these will be REAL RESULTS which will give you motivation as you’ll feel that you have overcome some difficulties and challenges. That means success. Your success will motivate you to continue.
  • Your clear plan has to be created (in accordance with you, your capacities, your likes and dislikes, your possibilities): diet plan chosen + what sort of physical activities you choose (If you don’t like swimming, no need to go swimming, you can use any other sport or any exercises.) If you have physical activities, it will help you not only lose weight but you won’t feel depressed, you’ll be happy and motivated.
  • MOTIVATION will lead to SUCCESS.
  • SUCCESS will be accompanied by further MOTIVATION.
  • Further MOTIVATION will help you reach your final goal SUCCESSFULLY.


It’s as simple as that. Remember that it’s never too late to change. When you’ve made up your mind to start, don’t postpone it for next week, next month… Start it right away.


Yoga As Mental Preparation


If you have any questions about how to mentally prepare to lose weight or would like to offer any personal experiences you have gotten over the years, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear about your success stories.


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