How to Walk and Lose Weight Fast? – Is Walking a Good Way to Lose Belly Fat?

Have you heard that you can walk off your belly fat? Scientists have proven that walking is one of the useful ways of getting rid of belly fat. Many people think that walking is a too simple way to help them lose weight but on the contrary it is a very good and effective objective to burn more calories.

I am going to walk you through the best answers to ’how to walk and lose weight fast’ question for improving your possibilities to lose fat in a fast and efficient way.


Diet Food

Is It Enough to Use Only a Diet Plan to Lose Weight?


Supposing you have changed your eating habits and chosen a diet plan for yourself to follow, you are really on the right path to lose weight and to live a healthy life. You might lose some pounds this way but it won’t be enough on the long term.


Although our eating habits mainly – in 70 % – influence our health and fitness, the remaining 30 % is determined by our physical activities. So whether you like the idea or not, you must take into consideration going in for any sport if you really would like to be healthy for long. The good thing about it is that there are several options to choose from and any of them will do good for you.


So after having changed your eating habits, the next step is to decide what exercises you will implement into your daily life as a routine.

Walking seems to be the most evident possibility. By walking briskly – at about 3.5 miles per hour – you can burn about 300 calories in an hour.


It is the easiest and cheapest yet very effective cardio exercise anyone can have regularly. As nothing special – besides a good pair of walking shoes – is needed, you can start any time. It is unnecessary to wait if you have made your decision to start living a healthy life or/and losing weight.



Walking to Lose Weight


You can choose the most suitable part of the day for yourself – either after getting up or during the day or in the evening – which best suits your schedule. But don’t forget to take into consideration the season, the climate or the weather as important factors if you walk outside. E.g. walking is much less useful in hot weather. But of course, it can’t be a reason for making excuses all day.


The Dilemma of Choosing To Run or Walk.


According to the results of researches of the American Heart Association both running and walking can be effective in terms of losing weight and they both can be useful to avoid the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases.


Walking in The Mountains


Evidently you have to spend more time walking than running: about twice as much. So if you have a half-an-hour brisk walk every day that equals to an-hour of running per day and you’ll have the same effects. You must be careful when you choose and it must be taken into consideration that running can be ’more dangerous’, the risks of getting hurt are higher in case of people with too much overweight.

The ’Running or Walking Dilemma’ doesn’t have to be an or-or dilemma as you can combine them if you want to.


Running on The Beach

Walking Inside or Outside?

Both possibilities have pros and cons which might be different for different people.

So you don’t need to go to the gym, you can walk outside. But there are many who think that walking is possible only if ’weather-permitting’ and there are some others who might be bored by just walking outside.

For them the best tip is if they choose the gym for this activity. This place is not boring as you are surrounded by several others who do a lot for their health and fitness. Even the feeling of this will give you further inspiration when you feel down or fed up.


Another reason of choosing the gym is that there you can face to face communicate with others who are in the same boat so it will contribute to continue in spite of difficulties you might have or feel. Of course, it is costly but it’s better to spend money on preventing illnesses than having to spend on medical treatments forever.

No difference if inside or outside is your choice, a 5-minute-warming up will be needed.


Goplus Folding Treadmill Electric Support Motorized Power Running Fitness Jogging Incline Machine

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Walking and Lose Weight Faster?


As with everything, the best way to implement walking gradually into your routine. First you can start with 3 times a week for half an hour, then for an hour. Your one-hour-walking time can be broken up into shorter periods but remember that walking will contribute to burning fat after half an hour.


If you need more effectiveness,

  • you can combine walking with strengthening exercises.
  • you can combine walking on a flat surface, downhill and uphill
  • a combination of slower and faster segments will do.


As a beginner you might be frightened by having muscle soreness which is natural and will disappear and you’ll be feeling good after the physical activities after a while.


Are You Motivated? If Yes, You Will Reach Your Goal.


Motivation is the key to success in this life changing process too. If you are motivated, you realize that you are capable to reach your goal. You understand that everything is in your hands and it’s only you who can do your best to achieve results.


There might be some people around you who are pessimistic in connection with everything so they might try to influence you. The best idea recommended is to be careful with them, not listen to them or maybe not even meet them.


It gives you a great deal of motivation if you ask yourself the following questions:


  • How would you like to change?
  • Why is it important for you to change your life?
  • What is the reason that physical activities are important every day for you?
  • Why do you have to be careful with what you eat and drink?
  • How will your new lifestyle influence your health?


You can also keep being motivated by many ways: by concentrating on your final goal, i.e. close your eyes after getting up and before going to bed, imagine you have reached your final goal, you are as slim as you wanted to become, you are full of energy, you have a healthy life and you can enjoy life as such with all its wonders and miracles. It takes only some minutes but worth doing.


It will also help you overcome difficulties if you are happy with smaller results as this process is a step-by- step process. Whenever you have any result, you should be proud of yourself.


Be Motivated.


You can be proud even now as you’ve already taken steps towards an active and healthy lifestyle which will reduce your health risks.

In some cases a boost should be given to the process of losing weight. Even in these situations you shouldn’t be upset but find a solution for yourself and continue.


Within my site you are going to see me talking a lot about physical activities, healthy food, diets and what I have experienced over the years in terms of what to do and what not to do.



Please feel free to leave your comments below as I’m interested in your success stories.

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  1. I have an app in my phone which reminds me to take a walk everyday for my fitness. I really walking it out, when I run its like m doing so much and i easily give up. Walking does the trick for me.

  2. Yes, nowadays when everybody is busy that’s a very good idea to have a reminder to make us not to forget important activities. So be sure you do a lot for your health by walking. I also prefer walking in general as it doesn’t make me feel fed up and I really enjoy it refresh my mind as well.

  3. I didn’t know walking could be effective as well. But it takes twice as long, that could be a problem. I guess most people are too busy to walk.
    I’ll stick to my gym routine. Do you maybe have some suggestions about healthy diet?

    • You are right that most people are short of time and they think they don’t have twice as much time. But you don’t need extra time if you just walk from one place to the other or choose going up the steps or choose walking from one place to the other instead of going by car or bus. So anyone can ’steal’ shorter time periods for walking for himself during the day or after work. Yes, in the near future I’ll be more than happy to share healthy diet tips here as they are very important. Wishing you a long and healthy life.

  4. YES! I am feeling motivated more than ever after reading through this post.
    It is true that sometimes trying to live a healthy lifestyle could prove to be challenging. But now that I know that could be achieved with just a simple routine or exercise like walking, I better get my shoes and start making it a habit.

    It is definitely a great achievement to find oneself feeling motivated after reading an educative and inspiring article like yours.
    Keep up the good work… Cheers to a more healthy lifestyle!

    • Thank you for your feedback. You are right that at the beginning everybody might think that new habits are challenges. But I’m sure – from my own experiences – that after we get used to our new habits and we understand why they are so useful for us, these challenges will disappear and we’ll be refreshed and more and more motivated. This is just part of the process. And I also think ’what else could be more important as a goal than living for long and not being ill? We are all responsible for our lifestyle – not only for ourselves but for our beloved ones as well. Healthy life to you – full of joys!

  5. The big part about walking for me is to have a partner to go with you. I find that I am more accountable if some one else is with me to cheer me on. This makes the walk a little less boring.
    I did not know the fact that you have to walk at least more than a half hour to get weight loss benefits from it. Thanks for this information as I will pass it along to my friends.
    I damaged my foot really bad last year and have not been able to take long walks the last year, I am ready for spring this year to test out my foot on longer walks.
    Do you think I should start on the track or just go to a spot that has some hills.

    • Thank you for sharing the idea of being accompanied by somebody: in this case walking is more enjoyable and less boring. There are also other solutions not to be bored: like listening to music, watching shop windows or other people, etc. Well, if you had some problems with walking for a while, I’d suggest walking for shorter time – several times per day at the beginning: like twice for 20 minutes, I think a flat area would be a good starting point and gradually get used to longer walks and later uphills. Good luck and good health to you.

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