How to Detox Your Body And Lose Weight? – My Old And My New Lifestyles Compared – Part 1




I’m so proud that I’ve been able to lose 39 lbs (18 kgs) weight due to my new lifestyle since the middle of September, i.e. in 8 months!

I think I’ve found correct answers to the question ’how to detox your body and lose weight’ at the same time, as both are of great importance to me.


I must confess that I love eating, why should it be a secret? I’m in the opinion that starving is NOT my way and by starving – for long – I couldn’t have achieved my weight loss results! So I’ve changed the quality and the quantity of the food I eat. That’s it. Plus I added some smaller changes I’ll discuss later.


I’d like to share photos with you what sort of food I used to eat and what I eat nowadays. Naturally nutrition change is only one part of changes in my life! I have workouts 3 times a week and use directed meditations to be able to continue staying on the right path to having a much healthier life than I used to have.


As I’m a travel lover, you’ll see most photos taken at different places.

In the future I will share more and more photos on my homepage so that you could follow my weight loss journey.

I’ll tell you the truth whether I can surmount the temptation or not. Why shouldn’t I? I know that whatever I eat and drink mainly influences my way of living. My success story is based on it, i.e. my healthy body and my longer living possibilities!


In a later post I will also tell you my secret in which city it was the most difficult for me to surmount the temptation while travelling around Europe. To be honest to you I couldn’t in all cases (!) in that wonderful city, especially at the market!


In today’s post I’ll be writing about my old lifestyle I led, share some photos of the food I used to eat, then I’ll speak about the changes I implemented to detox my body and lose weight. At last, I’ll mention the results of the changes in my lifestyle.


I love these foods but naturally I didn’t eat them alone!!!



My Old Lifestyle Before Asking Myself How to Detox My Body And Lose Weight.


I also led a toxic lifestyle as most people do. Then gradually I understood the importance of nutrition and workouts in our life. It was difficult for me to climb up to the third floor where we live. (I had to stop several times while ’climbing up’ the steps.) Maybe that was the turning point when I decided to change. Even before that I had had workouts in my life but after some months, I always gave up, then started again and again…

I became fully aware that the food we eat is loaded with lots of chemicals, the air we breathe is polluted, and our daily lives are full of much stress. We just destroy ourselves, and of course I was one of these women!

I have a good husband and two wonderful adult children, I hope to have grandchildren in the future, I’d like to see them grow up and help them as much as possible! I have so many to tasks and dreams, hobbies in my life. So I MUST live for long! It’s not a question!


Good detox programs to follow:



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==> How to Detox And Lose Weight with The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox Program?


==> The Master Cleanse Detox Program For Body Detox And Lose Weight



What a dessert in the middle!

Realizing The Importance And Needs of How to Detox My Body And Lose Weight.


I decided to change… In a natural way, not otherwise. I was lucky to be able to consult with different specialists, like personal trainers (my son is one of them!), nutritionists, dietitians, different doctors, maybe the list isn’t over, at the moment I don’t remember others, sorry if I have left out some.



The changes I had to make:



Not yet finished with everything!

I definitely know there are still some changes to be made in my life. I’m working on them hard!




I decided NOT to poison my body any longer and lose weight – both because of health benefits and emotional ones too. Naturally it was also a question of vanity for me.

That was the beginning of my adopting a healthier lifestyle in order to have a better quality life (without illnesses and pains) and live it as long as possible.


The Results of The Changes in My Lifestyle.


My blood pressure has normalized, my cholesterol level is OK now, I have NO problems with my blood sugar, I’m full of energy, I can put on trousers 4 sizes less, when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m happy and satisfied, just to mention some results!


I have followed some diet programs in my life, they were successful for me. At the moment I’m on a low carb diet I love so much! Detoxification means also a lot to me.


I DO think that most of the so many diets and detox programs out there can be effective for anybody. I wouldn’t say each one is perfect for everybody because I don’t think so. But if you adopt one of them, can believe in the theory of it, and you are able to be persistent, you have willingness to achieve your results, you can believe in YOURSELF, then nothing can stop you and you’ll be successful!


There are also so many possibilities of foods and drinks you are offered to consume, I know it’s not easy to make your choice!



So on my sites you’ll find different solutions of how to detox your body and lose weight – first in nutrition – so that you could choose the best alternatives for yourself in an easier way. I’ll discuss how these changes can be realized if you have a family who don’t follow the changes yet.


I’d be more than happy to read your comments, your personal experiences and I’m ready to answer any questions you share here.



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