Burn Belly Fat Fast – Good Programs to Follow (#Personal Experience of Long Years)


For the long years I’ve been facing the difficulties of losing weight or keeping my weight I achieved with different methods, I’ve found several useful tactics which worked for me, naturally there have been several methods not useful in my case. To be honest, the most difficult has always been for me to burn belly fat.


I’ve consulted with specialists: nutritionists, doctors, personal trainers, dietitians, just to mention some and have had much experience in weight loss processes, yo-yo effects, the difficulties, struggles and happinesses of the process for several years.

At the time of writing this article I weigh 39,68 lbs less than last September and still would like to lose another 4,41 lbs to achieve my final goal.

Yes, true that to burn belly fat is still needed for me. But now I’m on the right path…


I’m going to break down all the info about how to burn belly fat fast into six layers.

First I will speak about the important factors of healthy life and weight loss. Here I’ll tell you what magic means to me and where to find it. Then I’ll explain what has been effective for me during the long years of my detoxifying and weight loss process.

After that, some ideas about nutrition will be discussed. In the fourth part we’ll speak about useful teas. My personal experience to achieve real results will be shown then. In the end I will get you acquainted with some effective weight loss and detoxifying programs to lose belly fat.


What Do I find Important if You Want to Live Healthy And Lose Weight, Especially Belly Fat?


Nowadays I try to find different methods which have been planned in a natural way – without any medications, pills or capsules.

Detoxifying your body + losing weight lead to a healthier life which leads to a longer life. Logical and wonderful, isn’t it?

I have collected some effective and simple programs for you taking into consideration the above mentioned criteria.



Does Magic or One Magical Method to Lose Belly Fat Exist?



I don’t think there exists one certain magical method effective for everybody as we all are different in a way or more. By the way I do think that the so called ’magic’ exists but it’s no need to look for it outside but we should find it inside us.


The base of it is our mentality, steadiness, willingness to achieve our goals, either in losing weight or anywhere else in our life. So if we decide to get rid of fat, we shouldn’t give up – after any difficulties we face.


Sometimes your metabolism slows down and you just feel you can’t go on and you’ll get noö more results in weight loss. In these cases some boost can be added like BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner – it has worked for me.


Yes, there are difficulties but they are worth overcoming! There are many positive results on our way towards our final goal, smaller ones we should be happy with and be grateful for.


What Has Been Effective for Me So Far?


The best results can be achieved – in my case it has been true, if we combine:

  1. Perfect nutrition
  2. Physical activities
  3. Other things, e.g. a good sleep, decreasing stress, and many others
  4. Mental preparation – before we start the process + willingness, steadiness and ’strickness’ to ourselves to follow the guidelines we have chosen or offered by the program we have chosen for ourselves.

Let’s Discuss Some Ideas in Connection with Nutrition to Lose Belly Fat.


The quality and quantity of what you eat and drink are of primary importance of weight loss and also of our healthy way of living, it’s evident to everybody.


What to Eat?


I’d like to mention only some important foods I consume.


  • Low calorie foods, I’m fond of low carb diet.
  • A lot of salads (as many coloured vegetables as possible)



  • I frequently use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

  • As much protein as I can to help muscles be built. High protein foods I usually eat: corn, eggs (not too often as I’m not a fan of eggs), cauliflower, broccoli, chicken breast (more times a week), cottage cheese (my son prepares delicious desserts using cottage cheese – not with sugar of course!!!), milk, etc.
  • I love garlic and spicy food (luckily I have no problems with my digestion).


  • I consume only wholemeal. Full-fat foods: like walnuts and/or almonds and sometimes a little dark chocolate!



In spite of the fact that there are several experts saying it’s
enough to have 3 meals a day, it hasn’t worked for me. I usually have 5
meals (smaller ones) per day. No feeling of hunger – for me this way.




What to Drink?


As much water as possible, as little alcohol as possible (in my case I
would say there is a zero tolerance, in general), no drinks with sugar,
no energy drinks, some coffee (I like coffee with a lot of milk),
smoothies, tea, tea and tea!




Why tea?


Tea in general has long been acknowledged for its health benefits plus weight loss assistance.

Several researches have proved it.



What Tea Is Recommended for Persons on a Diet with Weight Loss Plans?


Green tea



Red tea


You can read an article comparing red tea and green tea here:



==> Why-Red-Tea-Is-Better-Than-Green-Tea-Liz-Swann-Miller





boost in energy, boost in positive thinking, mentality, higher self-esteem, preventing illnesses like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.


What Have I Combined to Achieve Real Results?


  • Choose the goal you’d like to achieve. It should be concrete in all aspects:

e.g. I’d like to lose 20 lbs in 3 months.


Determine the path leading there:


  • Choose a diet plan
  • + Choose your physical activities: e.g. cardio exercises – like having brisk walking/running on a treadmill, combined with strength exercises are a good combination for effectiveness. If you build muscles, you burn more calories.
  • + Be committed (it’s good to be backed by mental help from outside, like mantras written for you on little pieces of paper, ’what to eat and what not to eat’ lists – my lists are on my refrigerator – not a bad place, isn’t it?
  • Start writing what you eat during the day (without leaving out anything) – most people are visual types so it’s much more effective to see it written down what you have eaten. You just can’t imagine how surprised I was when I took up this habit. I didn’t want to take snacks but I really realized I had some when I wrote down everything I ate during the day!
  • Meditation can also help (it has helped me a lot to stay persistent and be able to continue)




So it’s partly – I hope mainly – your decision how and how long you live. I’ve decided to assume the direction of affairs as much as possible. I really hope I can help you achieve your goals so you can find some possibilities worth trying to be effective below.


Here are some detoxifying and weight loss programs worth trying. You can read my full reviews by clicking the name of the program:



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I’d be more than happy to hear your stories about your weight loss and your detoxifying process so please feel free to leave your comments below.



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  1. Yes, our small victories should be celebrated with gratitude.
    I would love it if your son shared recipes for his desserts made with cottage cheese. Please.
    I also prefer 5 smaller meals to 3 larger ones. I think this is better for keeping your blood sugar in check, and homeostasis in general.
    Alcohol and energy drinks are not on my list either, but I love my coffee with milk. I like teas too so will try the red tea; it even looks pretty.
    I have not tried writing down what I eat each day and that may be a good idea. However, I have written down that I don’t want to eat so much on a list with other “wishes” that I look at daily and this has helped.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, I think – with my son’s permission – I’ll share some of his delicious recipes with photos on my homepage in the near future! For me the lists are also very helpful – maybe because I can see the realities in written form and I don’t forget aqnything this way! I’ve been a great lover of teas in general for long-long years. I think NATURE gives us so much we should be grateful for!

  2. I think the information provided here is helpful. Also, going over your personal experience concerning weight loss is an encouragement in knowing it is possible. Nutrition is a key aspect, and even if you are a serious fitness person and workout religiously but don’t eat right, you wont lose weight. I like the information that is given here though, good ideas and advice to follow.

    • Yes, I agree with you because I also think that nutrition is of primary importance – not only in case of weight loss but concerning health as well. Workout without the good way of eating and drinking isn’t enough. But the third factor for me is mental readiness, willingness, self-knowledge and ability. So – as there are several factors to take into consideration, in my mind different people have different solutions for detox and diets which can be effective for them.

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