Are Low Carb Diets Dangerous?

Many diet starters choose low carb diets for themselves because these sorts of diets really have their positive effects which can be measured easily and fast. But sientists don’t all think these diets have only advantages.

There have been several studies in connection with low carb diets and researchers can’t agree on their real effects, either positive or negative. There are even some ideas saying low carb diets have their successful weight loss effects in a short period of time but they might be dangerous on the long term. There are even specialists who think such diets should be given a wide berth because people who have had these diets might die at an earlier age – due to stroke, cancer or some other illnesses.


To be honest I think that nothing can be expressed for sure as long term effects cannot be measured. The only thing scientists agree is the fact that these diets are a good way to lose weight but it can’t be submitted that they improve the dangers of serious illnesses.


In this article I’m going to walk you through the misundertsandings of the effects low carb diets have, its advantages and disadvantages and I’m going to try to answer if low carb diets are really dangerous or not.


Healthy Food

Differentiate between the Types of Carbs.

As carbs are primary nutrient requirements of our body, let’s speak about them. You shouldn’t be afraid of all of them when you want to lose weight. Carbs have to be sorted into two different types:


  • Simple carbs like muslis full of sugar, white rice, pastas, sweets, chips, etc. They are delicious but they are poor in nutriments and full of unnecessary calories. They lack vitamins and fibres.
  • On the other hand complexcarbs are much richer in vitamins, fibres and mineral substances, like brown rice, sweet potato, vegetables, fruits, millet, etc.


In general it is evident we can have any of the second group but naturally – in moderation. Rarely it is useful and also advised to have some of the first group, in case of high need of energy before physical trainings.


What Are Low Carb Diets?


There are different low carb diets like Atkins diet or Dukan diet, etc. What they all have in common is: they all cut down the quantity of carbs. It is forbidden to have pasta, bread, rice, sugar, alcohol, etc.

Atkins diet is strict as at the beginning you can only consume 20 gr of carb which can  gradually be raised to higher quantities, to a maximum of 120 gr. (Remember that in case of a healthy adult the recommended quantity is about 350 gr.)

Such food as bacon, eggs or beef are recommended. As we know this stuff might cause a higher cholesterol level and on the long term even heart diseases can be caused if you have mainly products of animal origin.

Taking less fibres, vitamins and minerals might also lead to misfunctions.


On the Grill.

What Can you Gain by Choosing Low Carb Diets?


Most people like low carb diets because of their spectacular weight loss effects on the short term. But we should take into consideration that this result might be due to the water loss in our organism first. Yet it’s true that by cutting down the quantity of carbs will automatically result in consuming less calories which will force our organism burn belly fat.

The above mentioned dangers are real but they are avoidable well at the beginning of our diet if you make your diet plans. I would also recommend consulting your doctor before starting and take blood tests before and later as well.


The 21-Day Rapid Weight Loss System

Can Low Carb Diets Be Carried out in a Healthy Way?


You mightn’t forget about the dangers of low carb diets as they really might cause some dysfunctions in our organism but only if you have these diets in the wrong way.

But in my mind – as every diet – these low carb diets can also be implemented in a useful and healthy way if we follow certain guidelines. Just to mention some of them:


  • You should have enough protein.
  • Not good to follow a diet with zero carbs. So don’t follow strict rules like never having any carbs, e.g. during the week you could have days with more carbs and days with less carbs.
  • Never get dehydratated! Drink much water!
  • Before physical activities don’t forget to eat food full of carbs.
  • Fibres can’t be forgotten about either – so eat a lot of vegetables.
  • Consider to take multivitamins during your diet.
  • Changing carbs for proteins and fats of plant origin. (Instead of much meat consume food of plant origin).
  • Watch the signals of your body.


The Low Carb Diet. Make It Your ’Go To’.


These ideas should help you make your decision how to start your diet.There are several good diet programs worth following so you have a great number to choose from.

Again if you can implement your diet in a careful, clever and moderate way and by planning you’ll be able to lose weight successfully and at the same time you can avoid causing dysfunctions of your organism.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone can create a diet plan for himself properly and become fitter if he moves on step by step. Perfecting your methods and choosing your food gradually – will also add to effectiveness not only on the short term but on the long run as well.

All things considered: Be patient with yourself.


Low Carb Diet.

Lucky and healthy diet to you!


I’d be more than happy to hear your opinion, your personal experiences and answer your questions.


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