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Hi everyone and welcome to my Successful Weight Loss For People website.

Over the years I have learned a lot about the difficulties and joys of dieting and exercising.

Now I’d like to help people having the same struggles.

A Little Story About My Losing Weight Journey.

As a university student and before those years I didn’t have any problems with my weight. So I didn’t really care about it because I didn’t realize it could mean difficulties to anybody.

But since my first child was born in 1988 I have faced the real problem of keeping my normal weight

at different periods of my life.

For these long years I’ve achieved successes in losing weight several times by using different methods and ideas. So I’ve great experience and practice in connection with it.

In spite of the fact that all my family members: neither my husband, nor my son, nor my daughter know the difficulties somebody like me has to face every day to keep our normal weight and be able to lead a healthy life.

It is Easier to Become Successful If You Are Not Alone.

I’ve realized that it is very difficult to succeed if you are left alone and nobody around you understands the joys (yes there are some!!!) and pains we face every day, especially when our family members or friends can do anything and they can keep their slimness.

So I’d like to help people to be successful on this journey when they face difficulties, suffers and pains to stay persistent and I’d also like to give everybody a hand to understand anything can be achieved if really wanted.

You Need Information To Be Successful in Losing Weight.

Life has changed so there are several perfect ideas, methods, diets, offers you can choose from. It is very important to get informed about the alternatives offered for us to SUCCEED in losing weight.

That is the reason my homepage has been created for: to help you find alternatives that suit you.

Losing Weight and Keeping Your Ideal Weight: Both are the keys – in my mind. It seems to be similar to finding your partner and keeping him/her.

There is no point dieting or exercising if you are going wrong way and you are haven’t made your own serious decision to change or you have no information about the different possibilities offered.


The Steps of Your Successful Weight Loss


  1. Love Yourself – even if you don’t like the shape of your present body
  2. Be prepared mentally for your life changing actions, believe in yourself, i.e. be absolutely sure that YOU CAN DO IT. So be positive about reaching your goals.
  3. Make a decision to change and start your longer and happier and healthier life.
  4. Get the information needed about methods and possibilities.
  5. Start action.
  6. Don’t give up – even in case of falling (get up every time and continue).
  7. When you have reached your realistically ideal weight: be careful NOT to put on weight again.


These steps will lead you to SUCCESS. I’ve done that and I know that anybody can do it.


So please have a look around and if you ever have anything to share in respects achieving your ideal weight, I would like to hear it.


I wish you a wonderful journey to achieve your ideal shape of body,



Long and Healthy Life



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